Angela D. Mitchell
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Credits and Works

published works (fiction)

The Betrayals of Women, and Other Stories: Tales of Fantasy, Horror & Enchantment
The Bridge: A Troll's Tale of Blood, Guilt and Love
Imaginarium: A Collection of Westmarch Fiction 

plays and screenplays

Between the Wish and the Thing Life (A drama in two acts)
The Betrayals of Women (A drama in two acts)
To Oscar! (Commissioned screenplay)
Missing the Comet (Screenplay adaptation of my original play)
Missing the Comet (a drama in two acts)
The Lion's Tale (a comedy in two acts)
Hayworth and Nick (Screenplay)
Callisto's Bay (Screenplay)
Aggro (A Comedy in Two Acts; in Progress as of March 2012)
Anything But Straw (A Musical in Two Acts; in Progress as of March 2012)

published works (nonfiction) (Oct. 2010 – October 2014)
Hundreds of assorted interviews, features and blog posts, as ongoing Performing Arts Guide (Columnist)

eHow (May 2009 – Present)
Assorted articles (entertainment, theatre, tech, décor)

BlogCritics (2007-2008)
Occasional Contributor (TV/Video Reviews)

TAP Magazine (September 2007)
Feature: “Just the Way You Are”

Parent Guide (July 2007)
Feature: “A Maze, Not a Race”

Women’s Enterprise (1993-2003)
“TechWatch” Columnist (over 50 humorous features on media and high-tech)

Media Inc. (Winter 2001)
Profile: “Meet Editor Mark Mirabile”

Marketing (Spring 1999)
Feature: "Turning Kansas Into Oz: The Power of PR”

Me!dea (1997-99)
Assorted Media and High-Tech Commentary Articles

Media Inc. (January 1998)
Feature: “Telling the World About Temporarily Yours”

Writer’s Digest (October, 1997)
Feature (Cover mention): “You Can Write High-Tech!”

Minority Business News (1997-1998)
“Tech Tips” Columnist

Antique Trader Weekly (August, 1997)
Feature: “Old Sneakers Equal Big Bucks!”

Action West (Spring 1996)
Cover Story, “Spotlight on Seattle”

Texas Computing (1994 - 1995)
Dozens of articles and Editorials (Incl. Covers)

Computer Currents (1993 - 1994)
Dozens of articles and Editorials (Incl. Covers)

Markee (1992 - 1993)
Occasional Contributor, Media and High-Tech

professional memberships

The Playwrights' Center
MediaBistro (and Freelance Marketplace)
Writers' Market Network

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