Angela D. Mitchell
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I'm a lifelong traveler -- an enthusiast and advocate for both art and science. (I eventually hope to have the Nike of Samothrace in my foyer, but I'll let you know how that goes...) I'm passionate about literature, media, pop culture, astronomy, gaming, and theatre, and I'm always looking to combine those interests in new ways and works.

I started out against the odds. I was born with mild cerebral palsy, overcoming most of the symptoms (and a few years of serious bullying) by adulthood thanks to luck, physical therapy, multiple surgeries, eye patches, corrective shoes, and a strong sense of humor. I fell in love with theatre, caterwauling "Tomorrow," dreaming of instant stardom on "The Gong Show," and directing impromptu playground productions (where everyone usually died excitingly at the end).

I spent my childhood in a variety of circumstances -- from the deep South, to life as a Navy brat, from California, Rhode Island, and Virginia, to Puerto Rico. I crossed the Atlantic Basin in a sailboat with my family at fourteen, and have since edited magazines, worked in a hospital ER, sung jazz in smoky bars, and once ended up as "the agony of defeat" on national news after crashing and burning on the final day in The National Spelling Bee. All of these experiences provided a rich foundation for my life as a writer.

I attended Florida State University and got my degree in Media Production (with a minor in Theatre), while also training formally in music history, theory and performance (singing, cello, and Early Music instruments including recorder, crumhorn, and more).

I began my career by working with small theatre groups and guilds, temping at offices and hospitals, then joined Pyramid Teleproductions outside Dallas, in Irving, Texas. I then joined Computed Animation Technology, then founded my freelance PR business, promoting local producers, animators, and post houses in Texas.

In 1993, I was hired as Managing Editor by my client Computer Currents Texas (i.e., Texas Computing), spending two years working with the terrific and talented publisher Susan Plonka, publishing dozens of high-tech articles, cover stories, and editorials.

In 1995, I left the magazine to move to Seattle, Washington, promoting bands, advertising agencies, and animators from Seattle to Toronto, Boston, and eventually across the world from the U.K. to Australia to Singapore. I've continued to write about the media, from Markee Magazine to Media Inc., while also publishing short fiction in Terror Tales, Anotherealm, Fables Magazine, and more.

I continued to write stories, plays and screenplays on and off throughout this period, represented by Harry Preston, and was featured in The Dallas Morning News as a young screenwriter to watch. I also published a feature in Writer's Digest magazine, and my story "Until My Dancing Days Are Done" was voted "Reader's Choice" for the year 2003 by the readers at Fables.

I've also been writing lyrics and poems since 1997, and have spent years writing song pastiches and original works, often as audition pieces for actors, as well as for comedy sketches and improvs. My latest project is creating the book, music and lyrics for my children's musical in progress Anything but Straw. I recently spent two years writing about Broadway and Off-Broadway theatre in New York, while creating my newest play Between the Wish and the Thing Life. Current works in progress also include a memoir (entitled 1001 Potential Catastrophes at Sea) and the two-act comedy Aggro.

From my features to my plays, scripts songs and stories, my goal is to bring together opposing worlds and ideas in intriguing new ways. I'm a champion of difference, of those who see the world just a little askew -- and who then find something unexpected and new, a little bit of grace.


Me with renowned composer Charles Strouse in 2009. (Oh yes. I was an Annie child.) 
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